Winner most popular #dttip

I think this week the vote was unanimous.

Congratulations to Michel Kraaij with the following tip:

"An exploring tester doesn't only find #bugs, but also finds inconsistencies which might possibly cause bugs in the future"

Next week we are hosting a fantastic competition for the most popular testing tip. To enter into the comp, you have to enter your #dttip between Monday 12 pm GMT to Wednesday 12 pm GMT.

More details will follow, but get those creative testing tips working now!

Again, congrats to Michel Kraaij from the Netherlands, most popular tip and editors choice, all in one.

P.S close second was this tip:

"beware the phrase "no user would ever do that". you might be missing the connection, & malicious users do strange things on purpose."

So congrats to Rick Scott from Canada.

1 comment:

  1. Congrats Rick! And i totally agree with that tip!

    -- Michel Kraaij