And the winner is.....

The winning vote was:

Think testing as a challenge; it is not simply verification and validation of what is written and communicated in the starting

So congratulations to Vipul Gupta @vipsgupta for wining the vote.

Coming in a close second was:

Follow @dailytestingtip for some real good tips. 

contributed by Ajay Balamurugadas @ajay184f 

As you can see from the final count, there were many very popular tips and sometimes the one you think is going to win, just doesn't seem to get enough legs. Thats why I get to chose Editors Choice.

I've based Editors choice on a) my personal favorite :), b) the number of RT's it got and c) the number of votes it received. Based on these criteria, I am proud to announce:

Editors Choice 

Testing "Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back" proverbs

by Albert Gareev

Again, congratulations to both winners. Both winner and Editor's choice will receive a copy of the first edition of The Testing Planet.

We got a total of 210 votes in, so a huge thank you to all endured the countless tweets to vote & eventually could resist no longer and voted for their personal favourite.

P.S Daily Testing Tip will be taking a break from polls. We are looking into alternative ways for people to express their favourite tip. 

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