If I were a testcase I would......

Daily Testing Tip has put out a challenge today. Its asking testers to complete the following phrase:

"If I were a testcase I would........." and to add the #dttip tag at the end. 

There have been some terrific responses such as:

@msdeibel: If I were a testcase I would fail randomly so ppl start investigating and exploring using brains

@michaelbolton: If I were a test case, I would ask "Why me? Why am I better than some other test case?" #dttip

and my personal favourite:

@rob_lambert: If I were a heavily scripted TC I'd draw on some legs, print myself out and run like the wind for a life of freedom and free thinking #dttip

We are going to collate all responses and publish them in an e-book which will be free to download. We are looking to raise money for the Chandru Fund through sponsorship of the book in return for strategic advertising.

How can you help?

We need your responses. Send in your twitter response to "If I was a testcase I would....." by adding the hashtag #dttip to the end.

If you don't have a twitter account, you can email me at dailytestingtip@gmail.com.

How can you help?
We are looking for sponsorship big and small. If you think your company may like to sponsor this book, get them to contact me directly at amcharrett@testingtimes.ie, we are offering attractive advertising packages.

So what are you waiting for? Get thinking and get writing. Its a bit of fun and your helping a worthy cause.

Sponsorship queries: amcharrett @ testingtimes.ie

Email responses: dailytestingtip @ gmail.com


  1. "If I was a test case I would be the negative test case"

  2. "If I were a Test Case , I would meet ChandraShekhar B N to help him "

  3. I am extremly reliable means when I fail you got to fix a product bug(s) and when I pass you got to relax. I assure you high quality in the product, win customer trust if you don't ignore me.